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As a young man with an interest in doing something to make make an improvement in life, I began to emerge into action in the work place. At the same time the E. E. O. C. had been enacted and the Courts were demanding enforcement. Opposition was strong and I found myself being pressured to fight against the movement. At the same time I had been elected to my first small position of leadership as job steward.
It was at this time the long tenured all white staff were calling on me to help fight the enforcement of the E.E.O.C rules. The strength needed then, surely came from lesson I learned by the action of my mother in chapter seven of FULL CIRCLE WITH A TALE. At that moment a path was opened for me to slowly add my contribution to erase the injustice in the of field of employment.
Howell B. Joiner


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  1. Howell, what a terrific book !….i now have a new appreciation, not only for you but for your passion for your life long work in and for the union…i read with interest,the story of your life and how in so many ways it paralled my own…we grew up in the same time frame and were blessed with parents who gave us rock solid values and principals that guided us through the years…the HOLY SPIRIT never gives up on anybody and will welcome us back when we finally come to the realization that we have strayed too far from the straight and narrow……sincerely…floyd e plummer

    • Hello Floyd
      I welcome your review of my book . Having known you for so many years I am aware that our opinions differ on many issues, but with the respect we have for each other we are still great friends. The visit we had at Panera Bread was a great blending of our opinions, values and understanding. It has been a pleasure doing business with you for thirty years. I am honored by you purchasing, reading and commenting on my book……Howell

  2. This is the link to a video of me giving a part of my MIRACLE TESTIMONY on the campus of Tusa Community College Sept 11 2009

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