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One day last week My Dear Friend Virginia Mosher called to order yet another book to be a gift. As we were visiting I asked how Johnnie Lou was doing?   After a short period of communication expounding on how much Kenneth would be missed in the community, the church, friends and most of  all the family, she told me a story that sent chills up and down my body, a worm fuzzy feeling in my heart and a fountain in both my eyes.  At this time I will relay the story to you as she told it to me combined with the vision  to my mind’s eyes.

Included in the burial plans were for the funeral procession to travel along Cook Road in order to pass His home that is on the dairy farm where  he lived his entire life.  He had built a nice home for Himself and Johnnie Lou early in their life together.   This home is not much farther than the length of a football field from the old house that he was raised in.

In preporation for this final drive by His large John Deere Tractor had been cleaned, polished and parked in position of attention near and facing Cook Road for all to see His magnifisent machine.  Not all farms have fence rows that are groomed and neat as Kenneth kept His. It has always been a pleasing view to drive by and see His fine heard of dairy cattle as they look so contented as they dined upon the lush pasture provided for them.  Even though cows have a vivid sense of curiosity they never seemed to pay any attention to the ocasional car traveling the road.

Slowly the escort car with red and blue lights flashing and the long procession  very slowly moved north on Cook Road  the entire herd stood with heads raised and eyes focused on the road as if they were saluting their fallen master.

Upon hearing this,  with weepimg eyes I longed to have been there with camera in hand to have captured these precious moments.  I would be safe to say that every vehicle on Cook Road had some tear stains. 

Howell B. Joiner

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