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Last summer Katherine Mitchell planned and produced a five hour praise and worship service in the 41 st  St area of River Parks in Tulsa,Oklahoma.  This was a multicultural event designed to promote harmony among all races.  She invited me to give my testimony of MY MIRACLE  as written in chapter 58 of  FULL CIRCLE WITH A TALE.  This event was scheduled for September 19 and on September 11, on the campus TCC an event was held to formulate the program for service.   This was an evening of food and fellowship and somewhat a rehearsal of the     event.  Rather than give my full testimony I gave an informal background talk as a sort if introduction and here is the link of video of that from YouTube.  When the link becomes available of the Praise Service I will post the rest of the story here also.


Current Location

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At this time I am settled in for the winter in Monroe Geogia and plan to be here for about six months.  While in this area my usual communication tools will continue. Some locations wireless signals are limited or non existant.  If you don’t reach me leave a message and I will get back to you when I have signals.

If anyone in this area wishes to purchase a copy of  FULL CIRCLE WITH A TALE, I would be delighted to meet you over a cup and deliver a signed copy to you in person.

During my stay in this area I hope to extend my geneology researh back beyond Nathan Joiner who moved from Washington County Georgia to Southeast Louisiana around 1800.  His father, Nathan Joyner ( notice spell change) as far as we know was living in South  Carolina. at that time.  If anyone has any leads that could help in this search please contact me.

Howell B. Joiner


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As a young man with an interest in doing something to make make an improvement in life, I began to emerge into action in the work place. At the same time the E. E. O. C. had been enacted and the Courts were demanding enforcement. Opposition was strong and I found myself being pressured to fight against the movement. At the same time I had been elected to my first small position of leadership as job steward.
It was at this time the long tenured all white staff were calling on me to help fight the enforcement of the E.E.O.C rules. The strength needed then, surely came from lesson I learned by the action of my mother in chapter seven of FULL CIRCLE WITH A TALE. At that moment a path was opened for me to slowly add my contribution to erase the injustice in the of field of employment.
Howell B. Joiner

Updated Book Excerpt Available

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Howell would like you to enjoy his updated vignette of “MY MIRICLE” from his new publication, Full Circle with a Tale. It has been printed online at his website. Click Here!

Greetings from the publisher

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Full Circle with a Tale Front Cover

Full Circle with a Tale Front Cover

We are very excited to announce that Howell Joiner’s debut book, FULL CIRCLE WITH A TALE, is now available.

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